Our mother Nay-Yamah Sumo passed away on June 20, 2021, on Father’s Day. She is survived by her children, grandchildren, son and daughter -in laws. She was born March  1936 in Galai, Bong County.

The late Nay-Yamah Sumo
Burial of the Late Nay-Yamah Sumo on June 24, 2021
The late Nay-Yamah Sumo

Home going celebration of the late Nay-Yamah Sumo in Clarta Village on June 24, 2021

Our Father Joseph Sumo ( known as NahnSumo) passed away in 2007. We will be uploading his pictures soon. In addition to our families who have passed away, my late Aunty Nay-Goma, Uncle George, Coursin Bodat(knows as Bill), cousin Henry, my brothers Matt, James, Copper, and Tomu are being remembered on this website. May their souls continue to rest in Heavenly Peace. our grandfather, Yorkpowolo Clar passed away in 1955 and our grandma passed away in 1973. Most of our deceased families were buried in Clarta Village.

Clarta Village was established by our grand parents in the early 1900s. My late father told me that Clarta Village was in existence before Firestone came to Liberia, and Liberian Government officials used to go to Clarta Village to recruit young men for Firestone Plantation. With host of relatives, grand and great-grand children in Liberia and abroad, we dedicate this website and the renewal of Clarta Village in their memories. May God’s blessings continue to be ours in Jesus’ Name.