The following persons are the land administrators for Clarta Village:

  1. Mr. James Sulonteh
  2. Mr. Peter Sumo
  3. Mr. Edwin Sumo
  4. Ms. Younger Korveh
  5. Dr. Raymond Nalone Sumo Sr.  

This is a public notice to all so you may govern yourself accordingly, and not to use any part of our land for any purpose without written agreement attested to by our lawyers and all the listed administrators and our families. No single administrator can make a decision in the absent of the other administrators and the  family. Those who have violated our land use practice will be sued by the family in due time.

Clarta Village is a family tribal land. We advise anyone who wishes to use any part of our land for farming or planting cash crops to contact the above listed administrators. Some Liberians believe that by planting cash crops on other family’s land give them ownership to the land, but this is illegal and is not true. Planting cash crops such as rubber trees, palm trees, sugar canes, cocoa, coffee, etc. on our tribal land doesn’t give anyone legal right, permission or ownership. Planting any of the above crops on our tribal land will be a violation and those involve will be doing so at their own risks. Those who have done so will be prosecuted in the court of law. 

For questions or more information, please send email to